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City traders

are you ready to achieve peak performance?

You have the drive and eagerness to be successful, we have the experience. We will help you unleash your true potential.

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We work with a very select few in achieving peak performance in their trading. If you are ready to take your trading to the next level then our private mentoring program might be for you.

how it works.

The City Traders have been providing mentoring & coaching services to not only retail traders but professional traders alike collectively for over 20 years.  They are still active participants in the markets unlike most and provide real-time step-by-step guides in all the most important topics such as Trading Psychology, Successful Mindset, Behavioral Finance and much, much more!

Private mentoring takes dedication from you and our Mentors. As much as we want to offer this to all our members, we know that to build a nurturing Mentor and Mentee relationship we have to be selective. Private mentorship is an exclusive offering to those that are ready to do whatever it takes to be a profitable trader.

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The City Traders private tuition plan placed me in a safe and secure learning format allowing me to reach every single goal I set out for myself and more.  The in-depth knowledge passed down to me was fascinating and being confident enough now to trade full-time is something I'll never be able to thank them for enough.

Parker Stuart

Client Review

I found myself falling trap to the same stuff as everyone else.  Trading gurus who had no real experience continued down the same path of strategy over everything else. The City Traders taught me that the most essential part of the markets is in my mind.  Safe to say they were right and I can't thank them enough.

Payton Hillman

Client Review

If you want to learn exactly how to trade from individuals who actually trade then look no further.  These guys are no joke and their sincerity, honesty, and genuine want to help are like nothing I've personally witnessed in this industry so far.  It's been wonderful having my coach there for me at every step of the way.

Riley Jones

Client Review

don't take our word for it...


STEP 2 -

You have your initial onboarding which includes the design of your very own bespoke tuition plan created by TCT but also with you at the front of the decisions. Once you receive your starter pack, it's a case of locking in a start date and you begin your journey.


sTEP 1 -

Book your FREE consultation with one of our City Traders.  They will evaluate your current mindset and skill level to determine whether or not you will be suitable for one of their bespoke tuition plans.


STEP 3 -

This is the time for you to take action.  Using all of the skills provided to you during your private tuition, you will now be ready to take a funded trader program.  We provide class compression periods following the completion of your tuition.  This means we will be monitoring your progress for a time to make sure you stay on track!

Successful Mindset
Trading Psychology
What is Technical Analysis
Supply & Demand
Fundamentl Edge
Trending Markets
What are Bonds
Forex Improvements
Pre-Market Playbook

Our aim is to deliver full transparency strategy and planning to you, the retail trader, to provide you with the best experience and knowledge you'll need to tackle your account assessments and become a City Trader.


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